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Sword Art Online: Ace (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android(TapTap) | IOS(CN)

The description of Sword Art Online (by Bilibili – BANDAI NAMCO)

Sword Art Online: Ace will be officially launched on June 9, 2021.

In 2022, the world’s first fully stealth MMORPG game “Sword Art Online (SAO)” finally came out.

But the real face hidden under the appearance of the game is a nightmare game of death —— if you can’t completely attack “Sword Art Online”, you can’t leave the game, and once you are in the game GAME OVER, it also means You will “die” in the real world.

And you, as one of the players imprisoned in the death game of Floating City “Aincrad”, will also unfold a series of adventure stories in order to complete the 100-level strategy.

“Challenge Hundreds of Aincrad”-next-generation precision graphics, perfect restoration of SAO scenery

Towns, grasslands, deserts, forests… Aincrad’s hundred layers of ecology are beautifully restored, and each layer is a different surprise and moving!


“Revisit the classic chapter of SAO”-Interpret classic scenes and start a new adventure

The thrilling “declaration of death”, the turbulent “strategy meeting”… a new interpretation of the first-person perspective, revisiting the classic plots one by one! There are even more original new characters-Xiaochun, embark on an adventure together with you!


“This world has infinite possibilities”-diversified collection and development, rich leisure gameplay

Hundreds of character skill card collections, strategy combinations, and sword skills breakthrough infinite possibilities!

Cooking, fishing in the wild, exploring treasure chests… Massive casual games are for you to explore freely!


“The brave should fight for survival”-Raiders and defensive BOSS hit the top of the 100th floor

The defending BOSS is fully engraved! Assemble your strategy team, hit the top 100 floors, and win generous rewards for clearance!


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