Sword & blade (JP)


💡Platform – Android

The description of Sword & blade (ソード&ブレイド) by 5xgames

Beautiful and fantastic world
Adventure in a fantasy world that is as beautiful as a painting with movie-grade graphics!


Super refreshing! Outstanding action
“Qinggong” function that allows you to bounce high, run fast, and move freely.
The impactful attack actions that make full use of “swordsmanship” and “kenpo” that are different for each sect (job), and skill motions that use effects are outstanding!


Various occupational systems to choose from
Adopting a unique “monk” (job) in the vocational system, in addition to the six sects,
There are two “schools” (skills) in each profession, and you can choose from a total of 12 schools.
In addition, each sect has an independent “story of the sect”, and by changing the occupation, a new story can be opened.
First, choose your favorite school and go on a trip!


Characters full of individuality
The story progresses from a first-person perspective, encountering many unique characters,
You can deepen mutual ties and relive their turbulent life story!


Lots of fun game elements
Enjoy various battles such as PVP, guild battles, team battles, and boss battles!
Enjoy many features such as pets, vehicles, playing musical instruments, fishing and territories.

Official website https://www.soubure.com/

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