Sword Fantasy

Pre-registration Open(KR)

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 소드판타지 (by Efun Company)

Sword Fantasy Advance Reservation Benefits
ㄴ Store pre-registration reward: Benefits worth 100,000 won!
Limited Mount (Sofani)*1, Guild Contribution*588, Silver Coin*18888, Green Stone*30, Ribbon*30, Stone*30
ㄴ Pre-registration compensation: Benefits worth 50,000 won!
Guild Contribution*588,Silver Coin*18888,Royal Treasure Chest*1,Gold Key*1,Recruitment Ticket*10
Don’t miss out on the revolutionary pre-registration benefits!

Game Features
-Revolutionary open world degree of freedom!
Reform the open world beyond MMORPG


-Revolutionary class quality!
Become immersed in the 7-person, 7-color circle character

-Battlefield where a revolutionary wind blows
700 VS 700 big match, raise the status of the guild


-Revolutionary Scale Boss Raid
6pm, prove your strength with your blade


– Revolutionary bloody battle always on standby!
Those who sharpen their swords and are ready, advance to PVP


-Revolutionary detail customization!
Console-class quality, express another me

Official website https://swordfantasy.efunkr.com/event/pre/kr.html

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/swordfantasy.efunkr

Available: Google Play – Korean


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