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Sword of Convallaria

Official Launch(TW, HK, MO) – New Beta Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 鈴蘭之劍:為這和平的世界 (by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd)

“Sword of Lily of the Valley: For This Peaceful World” is an authentic Japanese RPG with war chess elements, exquisite pixel style and macro epic story, set in the medieval world.

The game upgrades and reproduces the classic pixel style through brand-new 3D technology, so that you can enjoy the new-generation aesthetics rendered by the new engine. You can freely explore in this world full of imagination, choice, fate and conflict, feel the carefully polished storyline, and explore this rich world view through multiple weeks and multiple endings. You can also form a mercenary team, use different strategies and skills, and show your overall situation and strategic skills to defeat the enemy and reverse your fate.


Unique artistic pixel style
Rendered with a brand new engine, the development team, with its unique art style, brings classic pixels to life with stunning modern graphics. The game creates an incomparable visual feast with exquisite and beautiful character drawing and delicate and elegant world map, making you feel as if you are in a world full of vitality and charm.


Classic war chess gameplay with deep strategy
“Sword of Lily of the Valley” combines the timeless classic war chess gameplay, allowing players to experience highly strategic gameplay. In battle, you need to think carefully, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both the enemy and the enemy, and choose the best strategy to defeat the opponent. Through the use of terrain and environmental props, you will be able to find a suitable tactical experience!


Enthralling storyline
The main storyline of the game tells the story of a small country “Ilia”, which is in the center of the storm because of its rich spar resources, and fell into civil war because of a suspicious riot. And the player became the head of a small town mercenary group under the guidance of fate. In order to survive and protect the people around you, you have to choose the forces you depend on, run your own mercenary group well, complete commissions to show your own value, and open up a way of survival for the struggling Ilya people‧‧‧‧ ‧‧The story in the game will allow you to enter an independent time and space through the gate of destiny, to reverse and change the past, and enjoy the experience like a complete stand-alone game, allowing you to immerse yourself in it from beginning to end.


The first single-player multi-week game of war chess
There are various ending branches in the game. Players will obtain different companions and learn different skills according to their own choices. The town will also develop differently. Players can change the development of the plot through their own choices and performances. During the multi-week process, you will gradually reveal the conspiracy and truth behind the civil war, and then think about the way to end the war, and finally change the fate of the world.

Major movement created by the master
Hitoshi Sakimoto, a well-known music producer from Japan, carefully tailored the music elements for the game. He was deeply moved and impressed by the pixel style and story depth of “Sword of the Valley of the Valley: For This Peaceful World”. Challenge, hoping to express feelings about the story through music, and create this story with the players. Just from the majestic music, players can feel the adventure experience that the game wants to express and the human hope and powerless despair shown in the world war environment.

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