Sword of Souls


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sword of Souls (by XinCheng LIMITED)

The style of the game presents a vast world. able to travel all over the world great creative work Combo skills freely and fluidly. Experience the limitless fighting experience. The map format has a high degree of freedom in 360 degrees. Spectacular architectural scenes. High-resolution character creation and attention to detail in game scenes.

Game Highlights:

The game view is a 3D format, and can wear beautiful large wings. Soar into the sky to the land of heaven that never went freely. See the scenery that has never been seen before and can also fight against BOSS who have never fought before as well

Sword of Souls

A complete marriage system, from dating to raising children There is a luxurious wedding complete with many decorations in the wedding ceremony. Experience a variety of experiences and there is also a gourd lottery that is waiting for you to try your luck. After getting married, you will receive specific equipment and you can even give birth and raise babies.

Sword of Souls

New gameplay weapons It is a weapon that can change form during combat and has different skills. Get ready to experience the ever-changing battle. In each class there are no restrictions on the type of weapon used. You can also freely match your favorite looks and weapons.

Sword of Souls

Highly challenging BOSS boss battles. with powerful skills to fight with friends Test your combat power as well as test your cooperation with your friends!

Various battle strategies Changing weapon types will result in different fighting styles. with a variety of talents You can also assign characters as needed. and can be a star in every opportunity

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Sword of Souls

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