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Sword Steel W

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 검강W (byREACH RICH)

Characters, contents, fun, everything is doubled! Double Class MMORPG – Sword Steel W

‘Soul Partner’ who will be with you on the battlefield

Experience every moment and pleasure with your own spirits.

Thousands of combinations of spirits and even the best lineup of your own!


Fierce battle

Fierce GVG from 1vs1 to 15vs15, PVP duels, the stronger you get together!

PVE party dungeon, party play possible through AI automatic matching!


Gorgeous effects

– Newly created MMORPG based on smooth 3D motion and high-quality 4K graphics.

– An ‘open world’ that contains a vast area beyond the sea and land to the wide sky in a world led by high degree of freedom and immersion.



Next-generation PBR technology, detailed skin graphics, and high degree of customization

From hairstyles to lenses and makeup, you can transform into an appearance with your own style!


Destiny System

Open communication to establish a valuable relationship, automatic date matching system configuration!

A romantic dance, a warm hot spring bath, and a magical romance of the housing system (house building) unfold!


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