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Swordsman Awakening (TH)


The description of Swordsman Awakening

“Swordsman Awakening” is a new mobile fighting game. Built on the basis of the traditional martial arts world From various postures With over one hundred experts Come together to design and convey high-level martial arts, including multi-dimensional matchmaking In this game, everyone will experience a unique and unique martial arts world!

Have you ever practiced martial arts as a child? The dream of becoming a battle royale, using gestures with friends Or dream of fighting to be a knight A superhero who will punish evil for justice. Now is the time for you to start fighting again to fulfill your childhood dreams and battles. Come to practice strategy with Wulin as a teacher and many school mates Come to practice powerful martial arts and achieve miracles in the history of martial arts. Wearing legendary strength accessories Join the fight together with the world. Regardless of your dreams Or is someone who likes to fight? Everything converges in the game Swordsman Awakening!

[Add skills and adjust freely]
For those who have just arrived in Jianghu, everything here starts from zero and the form of fighting has three types: “sword”, “fist” and “inner strength”. They are chosen based on artistic skills. Different battles Join the disaster in Jiang Hoo. Learn advanced martial arts Battle upgrade Create unbeatable weapons Build knights and celebrities, build the strongest team. Complete the main mission. Unlock hidden plans. All of this can be chosen freely in “Swordsman Awakening” with free strategic matching and exploration. This highly free gameplay is intended to achieve the martial arts dream in your heart. Come and customize your martial arts world!

Swordsman Awakening

[Create a name for your friend in Wulin And create the ultimate team]
In Jianghu’s adventures, you can meet many different characters. You can make many friends in this city. And search for the legendary character of Jiang Hu Believe in yourself, you can bring these heroes together, free matching, together! Gather special knights But also playing unique bonus effects, releasing advanced combinations to fight! It’s time to create the ultimate team that belongs to you!

Swordsman Awakening

[A variety of martial arts combined freely]
Hundreds of strategies for martial arts Expertise and mental training methods for you to choose. With a highly independent martial arts development system, you can make a skinny, powerful man with terrifying attack power. Combination and mystery can bring unexpected results. As long as you use the matching strategy of martial arts, it is not a dream to climb to the peak of martial arts!

Swordsman Awakening

[Dharma or injustice shines different sides to the extreme]
Dharma or wrong, you can choose to define in this game. By the moral system So that each of your choices will affect your development and stay on top. Good and evil are just things that can be discussed. Being licensed without any restrictions Everything is possible It is your finale that you personally determine!

Swordsman Awakening

[Distinct charm, attractive person, many people surrounded]
The surveys in Jiang Hoo are indispensable: beautiful girls are friends to explore Attractive and noble angel sister A little girl like no other A gentle, gentle and compassionate angel whose teacher is the most skilled doctor. Can you restrain beauty? Did you become a person with many followers who love you or do you love alone, have a successful career or Stay with your lover forever Whether you get someone you love!

Swordsman Awakening
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