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Swordsman Awakening (TH)

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The description of Swordsman Awakening

“Swordsman Awakening” is a brand new fighting mobile game. Built on the basis of the traditional world of martial arts. From different moves With more than a hundred experts Come join in designing and delivering high-level martial arts with multi-dimensional matchmaking. In this game, everyone will experience a unique and unique world of martial arts!

Swordsman Awakening (TH)

Did you practice fighting when you were a kid? Dream of becoming a martial artist, hitting, using moves with friends Or dream of fighting to be a knight Super heroes who will punish evil for justice Now is the time for you to start fighting one more time to fulfill your childhood dreams and battles. Come join the martial arts training with Master Wulin as a trainer and many other school mates. Come join in mastering the powerful martial arts and achieve miracles in the history of martial arts. Equip with legendary strengthening gear. Fight together with the world. No matter what your dreams are Or how is someone who likes fighting Everything meets in Swordsman Awakening !!

Swordsman Awakening (TH)

[Increase your skills and customize freely]
For the newcomer to Jianghu, everything here started from scratch, and there were three types of fighting styles, “Sword”, “Fist”, and “Inner Power”, which were chosen based on their martial arts skills. Different battles Join the adventure in Jianghu. Learn advanced martial arts. Battle upgrades Create an unmatched weapon Build knights and celebrities, build the strongest team. Complete mainline missions Unlock hidden plans All of these can be freely chosen in “Swordsman Awakening” with strategic matching and free exploration. This high free gameplay is meant to achieve the martial arts dreams of your heart, come and customize your martial arts world!

Swordsman Awakening (TH)

[Make a name for your friend in Wulin. And create the ultimate team]
An adventure in Jianghu, you can meet many different characters. You can make many friends in this city. And find the legendary character of Jianghu Believe in yourself, you can bring these heroes together, free match, merge together! Collect special knights But also play unique bonus effects, release advanced combinations in battle! It’s time to build the ultimate team that belongs to you!

Swordsman Awakening (TH)

[Variety of martial arts freely combined]
Hundreds of strategies for martial arts Expertise and mental training methods for you to choose With a highly independent martial arts development system, you can make a thin man without strength with terrifying attack power. The mix and mystery can bring unexpected results. As long as you use a martial arts matching strategy, it is not a dream to climb to the top of martial arts!

[Dharma or evil shines on a very different shore]
Dharma or evil you can choose to define in this game. By moral system So that each of your choices will have an effect on development and staying at the peak. Good and evil are just things that can be discussed. The surrender of the battle without any restrictions Everything is possible It’s your ending that you decide for yourself!

Swordsman Awakening (TH)
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