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takt op. Symphony

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The description of takt op. 運命は真紅き旋律の街を (by Program Twenty Three)

“takt op. Symphony” is a symphonic RPG mobile game that leads the world to return to harmony.

Music is a lamp that illuminates the hearts in the midst of despair.
However, on a certain day around 2020 in the Western calendar, the “Dissonant Meteorite” suddenly flew down from the sky and brought with it monsters called “D2”. This monster hates all kinds of “music” and destroys the humans and the world that play music.
Since then, the world has lost music.
However, “music” has once again brought strength to mankind as the light of hope for people.
The way to fight against these monsters is the girls called “Musicart” who possess the power of music scores. They are the key to saving the world.
Players will play the role of a conductor, guide these girls, and fight with them to save the world.

Conductors, the world is still filled with the roar of the monster “D2”, and the threat of human beings still exists.
The story of regaining hope is about to begin here. Let’s pick up the baton in Symphonica and solve the mystery of the story!
“takt op.”, here it goes!

takt op. Symphony

  The Power of Music: The girls who became “Musicarts”
The famous Japanese popular illustrator LAM is in charge of character design for the game.
“Musicarts” with different personalities who have obtained the power of famous music such as Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 in c minor Op.67 or Mozart’s “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” will all appear in the game.
Under the leadership of the conductor, they will play gorgeous battle movements.

takt op. Symphony

  Use perfect tactics to win the battle
The battle to regain hope has begun, and now it’s up to you to lead it all.
Strategically place players to activate skills and various effects at the right moment.
Calm judgment and correct instructions are the key to dominating the battle.

takt op. Symphony

  Various playable elements such as puzzle solving and mini-games
The greatest joy of adventure lies in solving various unknown mysteries.
The game has dungeons and tasks of various puzzle-solving elements waiting for players to experience.
Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of “takt op.” and explore the never-ending story.

takt op. Symphony

  Explore an adventure in a vast world
In the game, in addition to “Symphonica” as the stronghold, players can freely explore various spaces.
For example, players can chat with the Musicarts, or take a break in the restaurant, etc., to experience this beautiful world leisurely.

takt op. Symphony

  Deepening feelings and moving stories
In the game, there are more than 25 “Musicarts” with various musical scores and different personalities. Players will live with them while fighting against D2,
experiencing the plots and tasks exclusive to each of them.
Players need to keep talking to them, gradually understand their hearts, to deepen their feelings and build a strong relationship.

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takt op. 運命は真紅き旋律の街を

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