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Tale of Time

Early access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tale of Time (by ECNEIS Game Studio)

The gods have fallen and the king has been overthrown. What secrets lie behind the scattered gems of creation?

When the Star of Times shines, take on the role of an adventurer and explore the crumbling and vast continent of Pavia.

Tale of Time is a dungeon-style, high-freedom Roguelike role-playing game (3D RPG). You can experience different adventures in each quest and grow with your friends around you.


Explore the Dungeon-style world
A blend of DND elements with a variety of skills forms the core of the breakout class-based single-player experience. The map layout, distribution of monsters, mission event triggering buildings, and treasure chests vary within each level.

Tale of Time

Match your battle set
Adventurers in Tale of Time have unrivaled freedom to switch out their costumes. You are enabled to freely combine and match any type of gaming equipment, using various outfits to bring about differences in attribute gains. You can pick to enroll in the Hogwarts-like wizarding or witchcraft program, join the medieval cross-knights, or even DIY your fantasy profession by mixing and matching various styles.

Tale of Time

Assemble servants for battle
Create your battle team by summoning servants, enhancing their skills, and fighting alongside them, using the breeding system to get them to recover long-forgotten skills. In addition, the Servants themselves are split into various elemental camps, with the elements controlling one another and enhancing the effects of particular elemental powers, offering you a wider range of strategic options.

Tale of Time

Explore Mysterious Lands
You will gradually be able to access more environments throughout the quest, including luscious grasslands, the huge Deserts, snowy plains, etc. Each environment combines reality with fantasy, with both natural landscapes and humanistic architecture.

Tale of Time

Discover Unlimited Battle Combos-Build
Create a unique fighting style. Each time you engage in battle, you have the option of matching any three skills to the demands of the situation. You can simultaneously set up a variety of words on the equipment, and each piece of equipment will appear based on the quality of various words. The words have more than 50 different effects, including skills, attributes, control, gain, and other effects.
Now join TOT, play as a soul knight or hollow knight to explore the dungeon-like world Nonstop and find those magical top secret treasures. Through the quest to obtain the infinity blade, the book of demons and even immortal skill, quickly grow up to defeat the Diablo then find the way home!

Tale of Time
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