Tales of Abyss

Early access(CBT2) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

CBT Time: 2022.6.29-2022.7.9(UTC)

The description of Tales of Abyss (by HONG KONG BABELTIME TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED)

Tales of Abyss – Your Girls Assembled Under Salute is launched!

It can be said that the emergence of AOS Energy showed mankind the possibility of new technological evolution and the countdown to extinction began at the same time.
Eighteen years ago, the “Second Deep-sea Shock” catastrophe, triggered by AOS Energy, devastated coastal and island cities around the world.
War Girls – The ultimate weapon against the Deep-sea. The ancient battleships carrying human feelings, with the help of AOS Energy, descends in the form of girls.
Will they bring about the destruction of mankind, or the hope of survival?

Historical battleships debut with personality of Bishojo
All characters are prepared with Live2D
You can build bonds with beautiful characters
3D model Adjutants help Commanders

Tales of Abyss

You can experience satisfaction given by the game with idle operations
Rich playable game elements such as Base Defense Battle, Deep-sea Exploration, and Otherworld Raid
Fighting with guild friends

Tales of Abyss

All War Girls can be trained to full star
You can get EXP value even offline
By giving gifts, you can enhance the bonds with War Girls

Tales of Abyss

Deluxe team of voice actors
Toshie Yagihashi, Kitajima Mizuki, Yu Serizawa, Aya Yamamoto, Yamada Marina, Kouyama Yuki, Kitamura Eri, Yuzuki Shouko, Miyuki Satou,etc…

Recommended Users
Those who want to gradually become stronger by playing every day
Those who love Bishojo games
Those who wish to experience the fun of the game with one hand

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/Tales-of-Abyss-Your-Girls-Assembled-Under-Salute-100437215881403/

Available: Google Play – USA

Tales of Abyss

Created by ©PalmassGames

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