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Tales of Bugs

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Tales of Bugs (by WISH INTERACTIVE)

Welcome to Bugtopia! Collect a variety of bugs to build your own team, enjoy fun slingshots in the fast-paced battles, explore wondrous world to discover new content, and follow the whole new storylines to learn about bugs. Let’s start a fantastic adventure in the microworld now!

● Collect Unique Bugs
Collect mighty bugs like ant archers, mantis warriors, fly supermen, etc. and train them to be your own natural guard through evolution and metamorph.

Tales of Bugs

● Enjoy Fun Slingshots
Experience the “turn-based & slingshot action” battles and have fun in creative gameplay with a perfect parabola or a rebound kill.

Tales of Bugs

● Upgrade Ant Nests
Unlock new rooms by clearing designated stages and upgrade various rooms such as base camp, alchemy, mine, and workshop to get more powerful functions.

Tales of Bugs

● Start Your Adventure
Set off on an adventure and follow positive storylines of saving dead trees, purifying water sources, repairing the lawns, etc. to to fight against evil ants and defend the lair.

Tales of Bugs
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