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Tales of Destiny

Official Launch+Apk

Start the journey in “Tales of destiny”
Staying at home during quarantine, but we will never allow you to limit your soul.

Now we introduce to you the Hottest game-of 2020 “Tales of destiny ”
Experience the charm and turbulence of Fantastic images world. Make up Your talents to create your own unique role. You can get married; build a team with friends and play together for common development. Make great connections with the world’s heroes.Fight with your friends side by side.

Tales of Destiny

Ancient painting style
The beautiful ancient style scene presents you with a magnificent fairy world, lead you to immerse yourself in it; the picture is bright ,the super real sound effect is realistic, the scene is meticulous, and the skill effect is cool!

Tales of Destiny

Wedding Gameplay
Find your dreamlover in this romantic game .Held a luxurious wedding, and opening a romantic fairy love.
Wedding Gameplay is only one part of our Love System.Come and experience more fabulous content.

Tales of Destiny

Exciting Challenge
BOSS appeared; Challenge to the hegemony. Tame the beast and show your attractive power.

Social interaction
Unique social function for team formation, Multiplayers can get extra rewards for completing copies. Freely buy your favorite props in the mall.

Variety of Costumes- Dazzling Appearance
You can equip any mount, costume, wings, pet and artifacts.There’s always one to fit you. Collect them all now and stop waiting.

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Tales of Destiny
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