Tales of Tides

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tales of Tides (by Runner Games)

Time to set sail to the island of dreams!
Embark on an exciting journey together with the Animal Buddies!

Animal buddies with distinct personalities
Join the Cool Crocodile, the Serious Bear, and the Pop Raccoon as you build camps and embark on a brand new adventure.

Tales of Tides

Design your dream island
Grow your favorite crops, make tasty food, create outlandish props, and provide a comfortable living environment for your Animal Buddies.

Unique and fun battles
Explore cool and exciting ways to lead your team to victory, including using cannons to launch your Animal Buddies at your enemies!

Tales of Tides

Relax while fishing
Take a break from the action and find schools of fish in the sea or even try your luck going for a bigger and rarer catch.

Rich exploration content
Islands with different environments, giant creatures in the sea, along with pirates and their treasures are waiting for you to discover!

Available: Google Play – USA

Tales of Tides

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