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Tales of Xtalnia – NFT/P2E

Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of Tales of Xtalnia (by Bot and Life Studio)

Tales of Xtalnia is a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game. Each player starts with 3 characters and can add up to a maximum of 5 characters. Along with a character, basic weapons are included.

Tales of Xtalnia
Tales of Xtalnia

There are two gameplay styles. Firstly, when a player chooses his best three characters team equipped with weapon of choices, a player can pick between two types of battle – PVE and PVP. With the PVE or Player versus Environment mode, a player uses these characters to fight monsters in various stages and earn in-game currency. Another mode is the PVP or Player versus Player mode, a player can choose to compete with another player and earn in-game currency. Based on the blockchain game characteristics, each day a player can earn a fixed amount of the in-game currency from PVE and PVP. The combat is a card-based strategy. Each player chooses and plays cards that match best with the situation in order to defeat opponents.

Tales of Xtalnia
Tales of Xtalnia

Secondly, each player can create their own new weapons or buy the weapons from the NFT marketplace. A player who sold a weapon is the one who set the price of that weapon. In the absence of any illegal conduct, weapons in the market are solely created and sold by players without any manipulation from the Tales of Xtalnia team. The NFT marketplace is operating under the blockchain technology to give all players fair and transparent events. Further weapon details will be described in the weapon and crafting section.

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Tales of Xtalnia
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