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The description of TalesAFar (by Bozzy Games)

At the dawn of the universe, all that existed were the stars and the moons. Faith in the twin moons created civilizations and gave rise to an age of enlightenment. Your story begins in Acqua, the Capital of Water, a city in peril.

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TalesAFar is a new steampunk fantasy RPG. Start your journey as a young Arcanist in search of your missing teacher. Explore the unique cityscapes of Acqua, form bonds with charming companions, and experience thrilling battles with rich rewards. Will you be able to bring hope to this sinking city?

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Game Features
Explore a Fantastic Steampunk World
Form Meaningful Bonds with Companions
Customize Characters
Challenge Formidable Opponents
Engage in Riveting Combat

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Available: Google Play – USA


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