Tầm Long Quyết VTC

Official Launch(Global)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tầm Long Quyết VTC (by NPH VTC Mobile)

Archaeological adventure – Bao Bao, life-changing. Underground research is full of mysteries. Dramatic PvP battles. Black market trading was full of tension. “Night of devotion, life in great wealth”!

An archaeological adventure begins with a series of new quests inviting the fake Tam Long to step in and explore.


The plot of Ghost Blows the Lamp is known to millions of fans around the world. A global game for millions of players exclusively released by VTC Mobile in Vietnam
“Candlesticks. The ghost blows out the lamp. Evaluation of antiquities brings a lot of money.” Surprise, drama and mystery on a journey to discover an ancient tomb that has captivated millions of fans from around the world, will it continue to captivate the Vietnamese brothers? If you’ve ever wanted to experience Lost Temple, but due to language barrier and server configuration, you can now experience it directly with Tam Long Quyet VTC.

Tầm Long Quyết VTC

Very strange MMORPG combined with MOBA. Live PvP arena. Thousands of people compete for a higher ranking
PvP tournaments run all year round, fair in both skill and team size, helping you compete freely for rankings:
Battleground of Tam Long: team up, compete 10v10 and challenge the lpk group. Experience the feel of a free PK – Competitive Kill’
Fight for King’s Grave – War of 100: It’s the season of group wars, guild brothers join forces to kill the Boss. There will be a standard mob leaderboard and the winning team can be promoted to state.

Stealing the Veins of the Dragon – Painting of Antiquities – Exploding Arena 100
Fiery PK, explosive PvP once again confirmed. The largest guild battleground, with an unprecedented number of Tomb Raider Brothers. 100 hand-to-hand combat brothers need to have really balanced strategies to win the rankings in this challenging arena.

Tầm Long Quyết VTC

Mining, forging, collecting herbs, making medicines: 1 job for right-handers – 2 jobs for left-handers – Comfortable survival
Unique and flexible job transfer system. Graverobbers can learn up to 3 professions at the same time, and if they wish, they can forget the old profession in order to learn a new one. The level of translation work and the skill level of the profession are fully reserved.

“Dark Grave Thieves Apprentice Day”, survival in the “Underworld” is no longer so difficult. Each profession will help you find materials that can be sold or crafted into medicines and equipment.

Compliance with the rules of the black market – Night of devotion – Life in great wealth
Strange treasures collected by grave robbers can be sold on the Black Market. The Black Market will feature: Demon Market, Trade Guild and Auction.

Tầm Long Quyết VTC

Each method will have corresponding sale items from the most common items to rare items that will be auctioned.

4 professions – 8 characters – 3 skill tables
Each class has 2 genders to choose freely according to their preferences, freely choose their appearance (fashion, weapons, face, …), freely unleash their creativity and explore the mysterious graves with a grave thief role model, which you want to aim for. Auxiliary skill sets – unique countermeasures are diverse, help increase survivability, deal damage to enemies….

Branded merchandise, supercars, high-quality fashion are demon favorites, level up
Not stopping at an interesting and dramatic playground, the game also opens up a fashion catwalk where virtual makeup shows are extremely engaging. Grave Robbers can show off all their wealth with high quality supercars and fancy outfits not found in any other MMORPG.
The charms of the devil are varied and authentic, covering for you the level of the true

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