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Taming Master: Raising Pets

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 테이밍 마스터 : 소환수 키우기 (by Studio LB)

Capture hundreds of attractive pets and raise them into your own powerful pets!

Summons that are captured even if you do not log in!
Even if I take a break, the Summoner does not stop working?!
Enjoy the game casually through the system that constantly hunts and captures even in offline situations.

테이밍 마스터 : 소환수 키우기

Build your own deck with more than hundreds of combinations of summons!
Build your own pet deck by configuring attributes and types.

Infinite pet farming through the growth potential system!
There is no same summons in the Timing Master?!
Cultivate your own powerful summons by nurturing through reincarnation and evolution.

테이밍 마스터 : 소환수 키우기

Free pet trading through the exchange!
Feel free to trade your own pets that you cherish and cultivate with other users.

Dungeon attack competition through the ranking system!
Enjoy the game more fully with generous rewards through ranking competition.

테이밍 마스터 : 소환수 키우기

Gorgeous magic and pet skills!
Customize your deck by combining your summoner’s skills with the summoner’s magic.

테이밍 마스터 : 소환수 키우기
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