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Tank Royale

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The description of Tank Royale

Fight for your glory! Assemble your own tank and join the epic, explosive online multiplayer tank battles. Build your tank from dozens of parts and fight the cunning enemy with strategies. Survive in different terrains and be the last standing warrior.

Finger touch the screen to control your tank across the battlefields.

Select the parts you need from the store to assemble your unique tank.

– survive
– Destroy as many tanks as possible in a limited amount of time
– First place is the final winner
– The rewards are based on number of kills and ranks

Tank Royale-Online IO howling Tank battle game

– The first one who kill 5 tanks on each map, or at the end of time, the one with the highest number of kills can enter the next map
– Attribute bonuses obtained in the map are retained
– Complete 3 maps to get final win

Tank Royale-Online IO howling Tank battle game

– Can’t get back to the game by watching the ads
– Killing other tanks increases the number of revives
– You can check the number of revives of all players in the rank list
-game ends when you run out of revives
– The last tank standing wins

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