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Tap Fantasy – P2E/NFT

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tap Fantasy (by tapfantasy)

<TAP FANTASY METAVERSE> is a GAMEFI + Metaverse product

TAP delivers both…

AXIE’s PLAY TO EARN module and…

Roblox’s DESIGN TO EARN developer module.

Our product fills the gap in the current market.

<Tap Fantasy> is a MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players can interact with Tap Fantasy directly on the web page or wallet, and they can start playing immediately.

Third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules using TP’s no-code map editor. Game designers earn 50% commission from GOLD COINS that players consume in third-party gameplay modules.

Designers can also MINT their own designed NFT profile pictures, wallpaper, buildings, character skin appearances, and sell them to players in the market.

TapTap Fantasy became the most popular adventure and role-playing game on FACEBOOK Instant Game. It received two global features; it gained more than 1.5 million game users and nearly 400,000 DAU in less than six months. TapTap Fantasy accumulated more than 20 million users worldwide by the end of September 2021.

Tap Fantasy - P2E/NFT
Tap Fantasy - P2E/NFT

The story begins with a young adventurer from a far far away planet called Odom.When the adventurer woke up, what came into his eyes is a forest, blue sky, and a pure white cloud in further place. Eventually, the adventurer became acquainted with the local residents. He began to find out that this whole place was one part of a large archipelago and he was only in one of the islands. Those thick clouds that surround the islands are like an impenetrable wall, blocking the footsteps of countless curious people.

The adventurer was never alone throughout his journey. He has met many reliable allies during his journey. These allies were of different races and personalities, but they all shared the same heart of righteousness and the same curiosity about the mysteries on the islands.

With a great and long effort, a clue that leads to the mysteries of the islands finally emerged.

Tap Fantasy - P2E/NFT
Tap Fantasy - P2E/NFT

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