Tap Tap Beer – Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

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The description of Tap Tap Beer

Where do warriors, wizards, elves, orcs and general fantasy folk spend most of their time?

Well, the tavern, of course!

Open your own fantasy realm bar in the most beer-ful bartender and tavern game of all time!

Serve all sorts of mighty heroes (and the occasional fantasy lord of all evil) and be fast to keep the beer flowing and the gold pouring at magical speeds!

Unlock new and fantastical lands to expand your beer game empire and open new taverns to take quality ale and drinking game fun to all corners of the world!

Be a fast and resourceful bartender, attract all sorts of new clients and do your part to keep the dungeons looted and the dragons vanquished for eons to come!


-BE FAST and dash to serve increasingly thirsty tavern patrons! Vikings, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and even your friendly neighborhood, white-haired monster slayer will stop at your tavern looking for your agile bartending and beer game skills! Dash, dash, and DASH!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

-UNLOCK new fantasy game lands and open new taverns all over the world! Take your delicious beer to every fantastic creature, hero and villian of the realm and become a rich medieval tavern franchise tycoon!

-ATTRACT new and varied patrons to your beer game tavern and make them take word of your delicious ale and drinks to all their noble and not-so-noble friends!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

-PROVE your incredible bartending game skills and show every fantasy realm that you don’t need cooking game or restaurant managing skills to become a tavern tycoon: all you need is speed and great beer to pack a punch in the tavern biz!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

It’s time to line up those pints, mugs, kegs and even potion vials and fill them with the best beer in the realm, as fast as you possibly can! Only by showing expert bartending game skills will you attract the mighty warriors, knights, vikings, berserkers, wizards and warlocks with gold to spare!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

In a world filled to the brim with valiant heroes and powerful villains, you’ll need to transform your cooking games skills into fierce beer game skills if you want to help the heroes save the universe! For them, beer is more important than potions and tonics, so give them their beer!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

Take your medieval fantasy tavern game venture to the next level as you expand your bartending and beer business to other, more exotic lands, like a true beer game tycoon! Make your drinks so good that vikings and orcs alike will throw their best kick and puch for a chance to try you legendary beer! (you might need to serve the odd healing potion from time to time too. Make sure it also packs a punch!)

Go from small tavern bartender to beer master tycoon in a dash in this fast-paced, retro arcade style beer game adventure! If you’re a fan of time management games and cooking games you’ll get your fantasy medieval tavern business soaring in no time! Help chosen ones and true heroes punch villains with the best kind of power potion: fresh ale!

Start your new business now and dash from client to client to let them all have as many beer mugs as they can possibly drink (and pay for in sweet gold!). Elves, Humans, Orcs, Skeletons and many other clients will punch anyone in their way for a taste of your unique brand of “potion”!

Open your tavern and dash to start your beer game adventure now!

Tap Tap Beer - Arcade Fantasy Tavern and Bar Game

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