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TDK Arena

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The description of TDK Arena

The story of Journey to the West like had never been told before. Join Tripitaka and Wukong on their quest to get the Divine Scrolls from Buddha. New enemies emerge, unknown conspiracies that threaten all the Three World of God, Mortal, and Demon. Will they be able to pass this ultimate trial? Will they be able to reach the Sacred West? What kind of difficulties they have to face?

TDK Arena


Discover the ancient world of magic, might and sacred forces clashing with one another. A world where battle never ends. Travel deep within the Fiery Mountain or far across the Forbidden Land to discover the different creatures dwelling in the shadow and take the treasure as your prize. Each area has its own way to explore so that every replay is worth it.

TDK Arena


Train your heroes IDLIY. Let your squad earns EXP and GOLD even when you are away. Just relax and level up your favorite heroes and lead them to battle. You need not have to command the heroes on how to fight for they are smart and can automatically find and destroy your opponent. If you want, you can manually activate the ultimate skill of your heroes at the right moments to do a wombo combo to finish off your enemies.

TDK Arena


It’s dangerous to go out there alone! Every smart player knows they need a comrade on their quest to defeat the evil force. Join the clan today to get cool allies and fight with them on daily battles to defeat the evil force and get awesome loot.


There are many heroes, each with an iconic skill sets and roles that will strategically fit into your formation to fight the enemies. It will take great effort to get to know all the heroes and utilize their strength and combination in each battle. Try out different setup for different opponents!


Log in daily and complete the mission to get attractive rewards, every day. The more you play, the more reward you get, enough for a happy luxury game life.

TDK Arena
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