Teacher Hitman REBORN


Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 가정교사 히트맨 리본 (by DAMO NETWORK LIMITED)

The first action RPG game “Teacher Hitman REBORN!” Using the official licensed IP of the popular cartoon “Teacher Hitman REBORN!”

“Sawada Tsunayoshi”, a middle school student who does not study well and does the exercises poorly! One day, “Lenta” appeared, who introduced himself as a first-class hitman, and his daily life changed … .. teenager starts with a mobile game!

Popular animation on mobile devices!
A growing up story with OSTs and original voice actors that makes your heart feel great ?!
Basic animation stories like Daily Life, VS Kokuyo, VS Baria and the future
Experience the Bongore family directly in an additional episode featuring a new story!

가정교사 히트맨 리본

Characters full of personality are coming!
From “Dametsuna” to the strongest kid “Ribbons”, 5-year-old mafioso “Rambo”, etc.
The appearance of unusual and striking characters, which were not found anywhere else in the world!
Recruit unique characters for your mafia family!

가정교사 히트맨 리본

Exciting action ahead!
Exciting effects and movements combined with deadly flames and various skills!
Exciting combos with various combinations such as character attributes, boxed weapons and bongor rings!
Create your own family and experience ultimate tag matching!

가정교사 히트맨 리본

Fight together!
Win battles like arena balance and real-time PvP with your guild members!
Through various trials and research, such as base raids,
The action to become the strongest family begins!

Official website https://reborn.damo.games/

가정교사 히트맨 리본

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