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Tears of God

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The description of Tears of God

Mega-hit MMORPG in South Korea has been finally launched for global service!

For those of warriors who have been stressed from a ruthless failure of item enhancement! Come on now!
Enjoy true RPG on mobile!

Server-integrated Trading System
– Marketplace used by all users who enjoy the game regardless of the server
– Trade various game items, including equipment, consumables, and materials, directly!

Tears of God

Transformation system
– Become stronger with the endless transformation!
– Get transformation that fits you the best out of 110 different ones!

Tears of God

Ultimate Skill System
– Complete your own set of character skills throughout the ultimate skill extension
– Upgrade your character’s unique skills stronger!

Tears of God

Mileage system
– Enhancement, Craft, Synthesis, Gacha… No more fear of failure!
– You can get the items you want with the mileage you earn from each system.

Tears of God

Server Boss Raid
– Fight for the honor of the server!
– Server competition with RAID and PvP at the same time!

Pet system
– An eternal companion that boosts the ability.
– Various abilities and cute looks! Fight with 60 Kinds of Pet

Tears of God

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