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TEARS RAIN : Goddess’s plan

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of TEARS RAIN (by 나라이엔씨 (NARAENC))

There are heroes who have lost their memories.

Tears rain fell and everything changed.
The forest queen has runaway and everything in the forest has gone wild.

Is all this because of tears rain?
Install now and find out what is tears rain and what the Goddess plan is.

*TCG* : RPG-style card battle
Organize a hero party to battle.
You can accumulate AP by using turns in an RPG-style combat method.

TEARS RAIN : Goddess's plan

*Roguelike* : Dungeon adventure
Whenever you enter the dungeon, everything starts anew.
After battle, you can acquire 1 new card and create your own deck each time.

TEARS RAIN : Goddess's plan

*Attribute system* : More fun battles!
Use the correlation between the flame, ice, and electric attributes.
You can transform an enemy to that attribute at any time using attribute magic.

TEARS RAIN : Goddess's plan
TEARS RAIN : Goddess's plan
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