Tenkafubu Sengokushi

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The description of Tenkafubu Sengokushi (by ESTARGAMES)

The strategy simulation game “Tenka Fubu Sengokushi” set in the Warring States period is finally here!
The map of the Warring States period has been reproduced, and many warlords of the Warring States have appeared!
Convene a military commander as a castle owner to expand the power of your army and run through a turbulent world!
Join the alliance, grow your power, and walk the supremacy with your friends! Keep the ambition of “spreading martial arts in the world” and win the world!

Game overview

More than 100 Sengoku daimyo and military commanders
Famous generals who were active in the Warring States period, such as Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Yukimura Sanada, and Mitsuhide Akechi, are appearing one after another! Let’s belong to your own subordinate and fight with the strongest force!
In addition to their own skills, military commanders can freely combine many other skills!
Use various skills and military commanders to create your own strongest unit!

Tenkafubu Sengokushi

Map and castle of the Warring States period are reproduced
Recreating maps of the Warring States period, such as alpine, plains, and rivers, as historically, and how to utilize the terrain is the key to expanding power!
Many castles such as Edo Castle, Azuchi Castle, and Osaka Castle also exist on the map, and if you occupy them, you will immediately gain an advantage on the battlefield!
Let’s attack the impregnable castle with allies and rule the world!

Tenkafubu Sengokushi

Experience a historic battle
Lots of GVE content! Experience famous battles such as “Nobunaga Siege Network”, “Battle of Okehazama”, and “Battle of Kawanakajima”, and you can also fight with historical figures who appear in the battle!
GVE content will be added one after another, so please look forward to the implementation of new content ~

Tenkafubu Sengokushi

Fight fairly by making full use of strategies
Full of combat elements! You can enjoy the real thrill of a strategy simulation game that gets stronger and stronger from scratch!
Important resources such as food, stone and iron ore can only be obtained by occupying the appropriate land. In other words, it is a fair system where anyone can win on the battlefield, only earning resources on their own.
If you can skillfully manage the terrain, strategy, combination of military commanders, compatibility with soldiers, etc. during the battle, you can change the battle situation at once! It is not impossible to defeat a large army with mercenaries!

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

Tenkafubu Sengokushi

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