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The description of Terramorphers

Terramorphers is a turn-based tactical battle game. The players battle on an arena made from tiles with different properties affecting the game. The players choose and build their own build while utilising different abilities such as Terramorphing.

The Premise


In Terramorphers the Four Gods of creation have gathered the best combatants from across the multiverse to battle for glory and unmeasurable wealth.

Challenging gameplay


Your success in the arena depends on multiple factors such as Character positioning, Baiting, Ability knowledge, Counter picking & AP management and a lot more.

Customizable experience


Players get to create their own builds and fight utilising different tactics from ranged and melee combat to terramorphing the very arena that they are battling on. There is currently over a hundred different skills to unlock. Players can also collect unique pets to aid them in battle.


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