The Ants: Reborn

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The description of The Ants: Reborn (by StarWings Games)

Since the Deathroot Tribe launched the war, the great Ant Kingdom has fallen under their frenzied attacks. Our ants have been forced to leave their homes and find secret shelters on the continent.

But we still have hope. With the help of many Heroes, the princess of the Ant Kingdom has taken the temporary shelter as the base to fight for the revival of the Ant Kingdom. And you, as a Lord on the continent, will contribute your own strength.

Build Your Anthill
Explore the underground world and build your Anthill for survival.
Take the Anthill as your base, and bring back the glory of the Ant Kingdom!

The Ants: Reborn

Recruit Heroes
Your Anthill requires a lot of labor for construction and mighty troops for battles.
Heroes can lead your worker ants and soldier ants. They have various special skills to increase the working efficiency of the worker ants, and lead the soldier ants to win battles.
Upgrade and arrange your Heroes wisely to develop your Anthill fast!

The Ants: Reborn

Explore the Dangerous Continent
After your Anthill is stable, you need to contact the outside world and expand your power.
Leave your Anthill to find more valuable resources on the continent, but be aware of the actions of the Deathroot Tribe. Lead your ant troops to expand your territory!

The Ants: Reborn

Find Reliable Allies
This continent is full of dangers, and a reliable alliance will be the best choice to help you survive.
Form alliances with other Lords on the continent. Help each other to grow stronger and resist the Deathroot Tribe together. Together we regain domination of the continent!

Lord, you are the last hope for the revival of the Ant Kingdom! Please lead your ants to regain their home and glories!

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The Ants: Reborn

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