The Battle Run

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Battle Run (by VocaGames LLC)

The Battle Run – multiplayer runner! Players fight in ARENA MODE!

Join our multiplayer online runner game, The Battle Run!
Get ready to race and have a lot of fun – compete with rivals and win!

Unlock and upgrade unique heroes, collect unique skins to stand out from other players,
collect and upgrade dozens of cards and create your own unrivaled deck, unlock and upgrade weapons
suitable for you in Arenas, and use your ability to quickly navigate in dynamic locations to finish first!
This is a battle at breakneck speed, this is The Battle Run!

Gameplay Arena
The arena is a track where four heroes fight against each other for elimination! And only the one who
runs to the finish line receives amazing rewards and legendary glory.

The Battle Run

Training – hone your skills in the race against bots, combine heroes, weapons and your game deck of cards in order to
find the most effective tactics in order to become a legend!

The Battle Run

Show your skill and become the strongest hero on the track
Get cases with rewards, collect new powerful cards and upgrade the ones you already have;
Fight opponents in the “Arena” with weapons;
Earn PvP Tokens and get a “Warrior” case as a reward;
Complete missions and get big rewards;
Earn rating and open new “Arenas”, as well as get free rewards;
Go through many Arenas and get into the list of the best players;

The Battle Run
The Battle Run

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