The Covenant of Clouds and Mountains

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The description of 雲山之約 (by ROC GAME LIMITED)

At the beginning of Hongmeng, the ancient demon breath broke out, and Shenzhou was in crisis. Xuanyuan and the Jiuli people abandoned their previous suspicions and joined forces to purify the devil’s breath and usher in the dawn.
Stars move and buckets turn, gods hide in the world, and on the mainland of Shenzhou, the three worlds thrive. With the ancient sacred artifact, the descendants of all ethnic groups have created a prosperous world again.
However, the chaos is not dead, and the magic breath is not destroyed. The beasts are in chaos, and only by joining forces again can we overcome the difficulties together.
If you can get the help of ancient spirit beasts, chaos can be broken. The goodness of our hearts will surely teach the world peace.
All unknown mysteries are in the Covenant of Yunshan.

As an MMORPG, “The Covenant of Clouds and Mountains” will be committed to creating a fantasy world and writing fairy tales with players.

Demon seal system
The world of Yunshan is wonderful and endless, accompanied by thousands of demon spirits. Countless wild demon spirits can be sealed and become right-hand assistants. Among them, the ancient spirit beasts such as Qilin, Zhu Jiuyin, Bai Ze, Qiongqi and other mysterious demon spirits in the “Shan Hai Jing” are used for reference.


Demon birthing gameplay
The demon spirit is affectionate, accompanied by clouds and mountains. After obtaining 2 demon spirits of the same opposite sex, the second generation can be summoned, with high randomness and inheriting the qualifications of the first generation, with a total of 256 changes, which can be cultivated privately or in a team, which is full of social fun.


Demon spirit possession gameplay
Seal the demon spirit and become your own core combat power! After successfully sealing the demon spirit, the demon spirit can be possessed, and 100% of the demon spirit’s skills and characteristics can be inherited, making the possessed demon spirit the key to victory in key battles and dungeons! Different demon spirits have completely different combat characteristics and functions. Choose the possessed demon spirits reasonably to deal with various battles!


Kunpeng cultivation system
The ancients said: There is a fish in the northern underworld, and its name is Kun. The Kun is so big that I don’t know how many thousands of miles it is; when it turns into a bird, its name is Peng.
The new Kun-raising system is on the stage, and whoever can raise the largest Kunpeng is the well-deserved “Kun raising master”! Through the two methods of advancement and gifting, let Kun grow rapidly and receive massive benefits and improve combat power!


Four major occupations, everything
The game provides four major occupations (both male and female) for players to choose
There is a charge as the front row takes damage and is responsible for the control of the breaker
Can provide a lot of AOE and burst damage in the back row
A greedy wolf with high mobility and high attack speed
Suzaku who has the ability to heal and provide critical healing to teammates
Which one do you pick?

Other core gameplay
Treasure Digging Game – Treasure Map May Bury Giant Treasures? Or is an unknown danger awaiting you?
Fishing gameplay – solo or team up with friends and gangs to easily catch big fish! A large number of illustrations are waiting for you to unlock, the best choice for senior players
Climbing Tower Challenge in Yuling Hall – If you want to prove your status, then go to Yuling Hall! There are a large number of challenging levels, and every 5 levels you will meet a powerful BOSS. It is time to test your strength and operation!
Gang system – gang PK, gang copy, gang activities, walk the rivers and lakes and gang partners to advance and retreat together!
The game of making a connection – in the appointment of Yunshan, encounter romantic love
Worshiping gameplay – raising a family is not easy, walking in the mountains depends on brothers!
Equipment Trial – Team up to PK to fight BOSS and get a lot of equipment
Trading Line – Completely Free Economic Trading System
Power of Attorney—helping commoners to solve difficulties

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