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The Endless Journey – RPG Dungeon Crawler

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💡Platform – Android

The description of The Endless Journey (by MASTERVNC)

Welcome to The Endless Journey – RPG Dungeon Crawler.

This is a tactical role-playing game where you have to use many different tactics to deal with thousands of different dangerous enemies in this game. The core of the game is to conquer the most difficult dungeons, the higher the dungeon level, the more dangerous monsters types will appear.

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler

Outstanding features of the game:
– High replayability: Random procedural dungeon. Millions of different maps are never the same.
– The game has a total of 16 different classes and 40 characters. Each class has its own skills, carries different weapons and of course how the class is used will also be different. You will finda way to combine these classes well to win the enemy.

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler

– Your main class when New Game is Warrior, the other classes are Cleric, Scholar, Merchant, Dancer, Apothecary, Thief, Hunter. A total of all 8 basic classes at the start of the game. And there are many more classes that you will discover soon. That is Starseer, Runelord, Warmaster, Sorcerer, Timeblade, Trickster, Berserker, Elementalist.
– Epic loot system: this is one of the most prominent features of the game, with a varied, random item system like a genuine RPG game. The drop item system with millions of different items with different abilities for the character; will help you have the most entertaining moments for a mobile game.

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler

– Elemental system and weaknesses: the game has a total of 12 elements: Sword, Spear, Dagger, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Light, Dark. These elements apply to both the character and the enemy, along with the elemental resistance, the higher the stats, the greater the damage received from the element. The first 6 elements are also the 6 main weapons in the game, each with a different class that will carry 2 other weapons except the Warmaster and Berserker class, which is to carry all 6 weapons.

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler

– Job Point system helps increase parameters like traditional ARPG. Helps you fully decide the direction of the character’s development, not linearity.
– Subclass: this is the greatest feature of the game, with 16 classes and teams of 4, the subclass feature will help you create thousands of best combinations to fight the toughest enemies.

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler

– 1000+ unique monsters & 50+ unique BOSS: the combat system and gameplay are the soul of this game. When you open a dungeon, there will be a variety of monsters blocking your way; please remember their names because it will determine their weakness. There are also EX monsters, which, although similar in appearance, but as their leader, are quite dangerous. Finally, BOSS guarded the entrance of the dungeon, there were always many disciples following. If you beat BOSS, then that’s not all, an extremely challenging entrance will welcome you. It’s trial mode, this mode will have a lot of EX monsters blocking your way and there will always be 2 BOSS. This is your real challenge.
– And many other great features are waiting for you to discover…

The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler
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