The Green’s Secret: Idle


💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Green’s Secret: Idle (by MAFT Wireless)

The quiet and peaceful fairy tale town suddenly encountered a change, and a large number of monsters and villains began to attack and kidnap the residents of the town. To rescue the town’s residents, the heroes began to show their magical powers. Join us in the battle and unleash your energy. I believe you will be the most powerful hero!

The Green's Secret: Idle

Bring your weapons, put on your armor, bring your beasts, and unleash your potential to explore this fantasy idle adventure game.

Continuously learn and strengthen new skills and tricks to strengthen yourself. You will find that when facing the ferocious monsters and villains, you will no longer be afraid and have the opportunity to maximize your hero power!

The Green's Secret: Idle

The game contains a large number of fantasy map scenes and a large number of different horror monsters and villains. It will be full of endless exciting challenges and unknown harrowing adventures!
Do not be afraid! Gain experience and research tactics! Challenge them to battle and show off your brand new fighting skills!

The Green's Secret: Idle

Collect, master, and strengthen your weapons, equipment, and beasts. Defeat monsters to get rich supplies. Make your heroes invincible! Be the hero of your era!

The Green's Secret: Idle

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