The Guardian

Early access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Guardian (by Bozzy Games)

[The Guardian] is a multi-player online idle RPG where you transform into a mortal Hero in a fantasy world. Slay legendary monsters to gain an advantage, and fight or work with other players for reputation. Eventually, you’ll join the gods in the divine realm and witness the truth of this vast universe.

Grand Setting
You will not only meet with traditional fantasy races, but also interact with many original creatures. These factions come together in an elaborate world and will become a part of your journey.

The Guardian

Thrilling Adventures
While adventuring in this huge world, you’ll have to fight to survive while surrounded by numerous enemies. Such a brave warrior will naturally deserve the most handsome rewards… provided that they make it through the onslaught of attacks.

The Guardian

Exquisite Graphics
Snow-capped mountains and creepy, haunted forests… The world is formed with various landscapes and terrain. Travel through these areas to defeat rampaging beasts or fight against conspirators disguised in fine clothing.

The Guardian

Available: Google Play – USA

The Guardian

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