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Game of Honor

Soft Launch + APK – Added a number of countries

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Guardian (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

📜 Developer Note:

The wait is finally over. We’re thrilled to announce that the Game of Honor has been released in the following regions, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits you!

United Kingdom

[Game of Honor] is an online multiplayer, idle RPG where you play as a mortal in a fantasy world. You will battle legendary monsters to get stronger, and team up with allies to earn accolades by defeating other players. When you rise to the realm of the gods, you will witness the truth of this world!

Game Features
An Epic Personal Story
Choose from the 4 different Classes available and develop a Hero that is uniquely your own. The history of the game’s world will bring you on an unimaginable adventure. Witness the ties between mortals and gods, and become a key part of the world’s intricate story.

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Casual Exploration & Adventure
As you travel the realms, your Hero will play a pivotal role in the world’s story. Experience an unpredictable story filled with countless enemies, insurmountable odds, conspiracies, and plot twists. Of course, there will also be fantastic rewards to aid you on the challenges you face on your journey.

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Thrilling Cross-Server Battles
When you join a Guild and climb on board an astral ship, the true enemy will be revealed to you. As both the defender and conqueror of the world, you must cross the realms with other Guild members to the most dangerous battlefield in the realms and face off against players from other servers. Beware, only the strongest, smartest, and most tenacious Guilds will be there fighting for the throne destined for the gods.

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Exquisite and Realistic Art Style
Snow-capped mountains, dense forests filled with spirits… The world contains a variety of terrain. Your Hero will visit every location and fight the wild beasts or conspirators clad in elegant clothes. Eventually, even the gods will fear your existence…


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