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Mad King: Rising Lords

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of The King Must Die (by QI XI ENTERTAINMENT (HK) LTD.)

Mad King is a strategy card game for 5 players. Depending on your Roles, you work with or against other players to complete different goals – Protect the king, slay the king, or kill everyone.

Once upon a time, Aerys, once known as the “Wise King”, built a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. However, towards the end of his reign, he turned into a cruel, insatiable “Mad King”, forcing his people to rise to revolution. Unbeknownst to all, the Merchant of Fate is pulling the strings behind all this…

Mad King is a multiplayer strategy card game. The demo will support a 5-player gameplay where players draw Roles to play as 1 King, 1 Kingsguard, 2 Kingslayers and 1 Usurper.

Designed as a social game, we recommend playing with friends at a party, or online using voice chat. You can also enjoy cross-platform play between Android, IOS and Windows.

The King
Objective: Kill every Kingslayer and usurper.
Tip: The Kingsguard is sworn to protect the King. You can trust the Kingsguard with your life.


Objective: Kill every Kingslayer and usurper.
Tip: The Kingsguard should save the King and protect the reign at all cost.


Objective: Kill the king.
Tip: If the Kingsguard and the Usurper are in your way, feel free to kill them too.


Objective: Survive every Kingslayer and Kingsguard, then finally kill the King.
Tip: You need to trick others in order to mask your intentions and hide your identity. When the right time comes, spare no mercy.


Game Features
· 15 Playable Characters: Each character comes with unique and powerful skills.

· A Variety of Cards: Currently, you can unlock up to 20 cards for an exciting card battle.
· Online Multiplayer Gameplay: You can host a room or join others’ room. Invite your friends to play, or match with online players – strategy and deceit, teamwork and betrayal all in one game.


The King Must Die

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