The King’s Army:Idle RPG


Early Access Android + Apk

The description of The King’s Army:Idle RPG

Easy-to-play Idle Game

The King's Army:Idle RPG

Get rich rewards even when you’re offline. Simply wait for your heroes leveling up and getting stronger.

The King's Army:Idle RPG

Multiple Heroes Lineup and Optional Classes

With hundreds of heroes available, you can create a team of your own strategically. Hero’s class is optional. You can freely switch between 5 classes for 1 hero!

The King's Army:Idle RPG

Cross-server Gameplay

Add friends and join in tribes across servers. Exchange experience in hero lineup and practice with each other. Enjoy endless fun out of it!

Find Well-matched Adversary in Cross-server Ladder Tournament

Compete with well-matched adversaries. Give full play to tactics and heroes lineup to win the game. Stop playing games with empty servers and games that often merge servers. It’s time to play this new-generation idle RPG game!

The King's Army:Idle RPG

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