The kingdom of Nagoda


Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 나고다 공격대 (by raven studio)

In the kingdom of Nagoda, where a force with an unknown conspiracy lies behind the scenes, become the protagonist of an insidious tale you hear only in the back alleys of the slums. Take control of your turn strategically and relentlessly crush powerful enemies! Organize a team with your own heroes through various development systems such as traits, stances/equipment, and more!

The kingdom of Nagoda, which suffered from a long war, took advantage of the chaos of the war, and unknown powers took root. With their conspiracy, the experienced and wise king disappeared in the dew of battle, and the young king was reduced to a puppet. It’s a good time for rogues to plot, but it can also be an opportunity for you as a wandering warrior from unknown origins! In the kingdom of Nagoda, which is in crisis, gain the trust of the kingdom through various activities and become a hero to save the kingdom from crisis!


Develop your own strategy through turn control and various nurturing systems!
• My attack pattern is strong, weak, moderately weak! Use your turn points strategically with attack wave control! Your opponent will be lying around unsightly with no room to do anything.
• Grow your unit’s unique traits in your own style and collect various stances to take on in battle! Build a more diverse and effective mix of teams and prepare for powerful enemies with Team Traits.


I’m excited because of my acting ability, so take responsibility?! Enjoy to your heart’s content without waiting to recharge your action power through a variety of content!
• Rescue the kingdom by enduring the hard-boiled story of the kingdom of Nagoda in story mode!
• I need to farm quickly, but I’m busy at one o’clock! Have you lost your ability to act? You want to finally test out a solidly completed team, but you can’t buy more action today? Turn on Endless Mode! If you need to farm, turn it on and forget about it! If you want to test your strength, turn it on and fight endlessly!
• Tired of micro-second control in multiplayer party play? I understand everything, but my body just can’t keep up with me, but do my colleagues keep giving me denunciation because I can’t? Please, do not be sad. In a raid dungeon with multiple colleagues on the field, one day may feel like a lifetime. Show off your old-fashioned prowess in a slow, but never-ending (even with the game off) raid dungeon, and unfold your strategy at your own pace!


Craft and equip equipment that fits your taste!
• Tired of random options for your gear? Customize the option category you want and craft your equipment! An option is selected from the list of options that are right for you. If you’re still not happy with it, choose the option you don’t like and reset it!
• One well-nurtured japtem, ten Epics I’m so envious! Inherit the equipment you have grown powerfully from generation to generation with the equipment system with no equipment level restrictions!
• Some gear is more special than others! Wear powerful unique equipment provided for each unit and use more powerful skills!


Available: Google Play – KR


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