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The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon (KR)

Official Launch Korean+Apk

The description of The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon

Enjoy the fun of MMORPG!
From the novice hunting grounds to the heavenly world, the excitement of Duktem in a wide hunting ground!
PK Hunting Ground It’s possible to play in tension with the Impossibly Anywhere!

Raise your own character!
The strength and horsepower are according to my strategy, and the cute appearance is my own!
Hunting in Hellfire? Wide-ranging hunting with the addition of’Hwaeol-Jeong-Joon’? Technology grinding after changing my style
Grow your own character!

바람의나라: 연
바람의나라: 연
바람의나라: 연
바람의나라: 연

It’s fun to just shout out! Happy wind together!
After an exciting group hunt, go to Dantokbang! Games and chat together!
Don’t forget to give your group members personality and leave a guestbook!

We hope to collaborate and target!
Resurrection guru, save a shot! Even if you don’t shout, anytime, anywhere quick matching will make it into a group of your choice!
Try to collaborate by occupation and challenge the raid boss! Raid equipment obtained after the attack is bonus!

Landscape/portrait mode, please play according to your taste!
Both portrait mode can be enjoyed with one hand and landscape mode provides a cool view!
Feel free to play anytime, anywhere!

바람의나라: 연
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