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The Last Shop – Craft & Trade

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The Last Shop – Craft & Trade (by TBG LIMITED)

In order to stop raging zombies, humans dropped a nuclear bomb on that day. We call it “Redemption Day.” But the zombies have not been completely wiped out…

As a new shopkeeper developing in a doomsday city, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start working! Weapons, equipment, bargaining, and selling to the top in your own way, you will surely attract many different characters to your store…maybe even famous heroes!

CRAFT: Craft different styles and various types of equipment including swords, shields, armor, guns, and much more!
UPGRADE: Become a master craftsman. The more items you craft, the more powerful and valuable they’ll become!

The Last Shop - Craft & Trade

CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHOP: Wallpaper, carpet, ornaments, or statues! Design the shop of your dreams and your customers will love you for it!
DRESS TO IMPRESS: Choose among dozens of hairstyles, clothes, and appearances to make your shopkeeper very stand out!

The Last Shop - Craft & Trade

JOIN A GUILD: Call your friends to build a guild with you, or join in other players’ guilds and invest together to create your perfect city!
TEAM UP: Complete your guild activities to get rich rewards, which will help the development of your city!
PLAY THE MARKET: Rack up the gold bars by participating in a worldwide, player-driven market!

The Last Shop - Craft & Trade

PERSONALIZE YOUR PARTY: Recruit Heroes among different classes and equip them with your powerful items!
ADVANCE YOUR HERO: When your hero is at a certain level, you can advance your hero. Each hero has many branches for you to choose from! Each of them will give your hero different abilities!
BATTLE MONSTERS: Send out parties of Heroes to battle mutant monsters and zombies and gather valuable crafting materials!

The Last Shop - Craft & Trade

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