The Last Threat

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The description of The Last Threat (by Bozzy Games)

Nuclear war, the ensuing radiation, and deathly low temperatures destroyed civilization as we know it. The remaining survivors were forced to live underground for many years to survive. Only when the radiation faded and temperatures rose were humans finally able to return aboveground.
Survival in this harsh wasteland will not be easy. Lead your followers to build a solid refuge, train up military forces, expand your territory, and build alliances to fight against the mutants, bandits, and other dark forces that roam this unforgiving new world.
Welcome to “The Last Threat,” a stunning post-apocalyptic war strategy game. Explore the wasteland, establish your own civilization, and fight for survival!

Rebuild Civilization
Work your way up from a small base underground to a thriving new refuge. Train troops, produce resources, develop technology, unlock buildings, expand your sphere of influence on the wasteland, and provide a safe space for the last human survivors.

The Last Threat

Fight for Survival
Creatures mutated by radiation, monsters created through ghastly experiments, conspiring forces, and armed militants who may turn on you at any time—the wasteland is filled with all kinds of threats. Recruit Heroes, train different types of soldiers, devise strategies, construct buildings, and build your own military force for your own survival.

Realistic Environments
From a deserted land ravaged by war and disaster to a jungle where monsters face off against human survivors, each environment immerses you in this highly compelling post-apocalyptic world where the weak fall prey to the strong.

The Last Threat

Battle Strategy
Your strategy will be your strength. Match Heroes with various soldiers, unite refuges to form alliances, and take on enemy camps in the wasteland. With the flexibility to manage your forces any way you like, there will be countless new ways to develop your strategy and play to your strengths!

Exclusive Customization
Create your own personalized vehicle with countless custom upgrades of weapons and equipment to choose from. Race against monsters and Vandals in the vast wasteland and experience the adrenaline brought on by speed and danger!

The Last Threat

Explore the World
Explore large abandoned towns in the wasteland, rescue mutant creatures affected by radiation, and shelter survivors seeking help. As you progress, piece together the truth about what happened in the war and defend human civilization from even greater potential threats in the wasteland!

The Last Threat

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