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The Legend of Takara

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 達卡拉物語 (by LuLuDu Tech Co., Ltd.)

Japanese Texture Character Aesthetics
First-line voice actresses give their voices, the characters’ personalities are wonderfully interpreted, all characters are displayed in Live 2D, and the most delicious Japanese card faces are drawn. You can choose from lolita, royal sisters to cute pets, and all the mothers-in-law you want are here!

Immersive experience of the main storyline
A rich plot intertwined with millions of words and a fascinating immersive experience. In the fantasy world where the five camps coexist, you will go forward with the Yusanjia to explore the mysteries of ancient legends, and shoulder the destiny of leading the future of Dakar. Your choice is your choice. Will continue to write a new chapter of adventure dedicated to you

Fingertip strategy real-time battle
The five camps can be combined freely, and thousands of card strategy elements can be freely combined: positions, camps, skills, secrets, fetters, special martial arts, dragon language magic, etc. Various genres are waiting to be developed, come and build your strongest team!


Team season with multiple players
The first multiplayer co-fighting mode of the season, the player team will work together to pass the level, you will plan strategies with your comrades, embark on the journey of Dakar, and aim to compete for the highest glory of the whole server!

Heroes of the five camps attack
The Aide city-state that protects justice, the primitive and wild Xilin Canyon, the independent Moon Dok Island, the Odan Kingdom in the sky and the sky, and the Gute Desert that has fallen into the abyss. Humans, orcs, ghosts, dragon spirits, The five camps formed by the Snake God Clan are surging and ready to go!


Background Introduction

In the ancient times, the war of the gods headed by the God of Yamele and the God of Sari broke out. In order to protect her precious treasure Dakala, the Goddess of Ximen and the Earth exhausted her divine power to seal it. With the passage of thousands of years, the isolated Dakar has developed a unique geographical feature and special national culture. No matter where you are, as long as you look up, the sky you see is the blessing of the goddess of the earth.


Until a meteorite with bright flames breaks through the barrier that has been sealed for thousands of years… The adventurous country where the meteorite falls will no longer be protected by the goddess of the earth. Ancient and mysterious forces are waiting for the opportunity. Dakar is about to face a new challenge. Gather the heroes of the five camps and prepare to unveil the curtain of a magnificent adventure!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

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