The Lost Civilization

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The description of 空島クロニクル-冒険ファンタジーRPG (by インゲーム)

World view
A fantasy adventure RPG set in a floating island! Summon the great historical figures [Emperor] and rebuild the civilization of history while exploring the mysteries of the world! A fun sky adventure begins here!

Game features

Ultra-easy operation, full-auto battle and neglected play!
Easy with full auto battle! Raise historical emperors as you wish with simple operations, and create the strongest emperor with your own hands!


Training content influences the strength!
Two different training systems, the hero and the emperor! Equipped with many unique enhancement functions! The more you train, the more you can improve your strength!


Enjoy the battle with 5 major occupations and abundant skills!
The emperor belongs to the five major occupations of warrior, cavalry, thug, archer, and mage, and you can choose your favorite occupation and go out! Make full use of a wide variety of emperor skills to destroy your enemies!


Various contents that can be played endlessly!
When the conditions are met, labyrinth challenges, BOSS battles, stadiums, museums, etc. will open one after another! How you enjoy your trip to Sorajima is entirely up to you!

Reproduce the glory of each era in the world by building civilization!
Collect pieces of civilization while exploring all over the world! Let’s revive the once prosperous civilization with your own hands!

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