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The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

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The description of The Oregon Trail: Boom Town (by Tilting Point)

In the middle of the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of settlers took to the Oregon Trail, seeking a new life in the American West. The Trail began in frontier towns like Independence, where settlers gathered their hopes and stocked their wagons for the grueling journey ahead. Now, this town-building simulator game puts you in charge of Independence, managing resources and expanding the town with new buildings. Can you build a thriving town in order to provide the settlers with everything that they need? The town of their dreams is in your hands!

Farm, Build, Craft!
You manage every aspect of building your town. Plant your farms and have farmers harvest your crops. Build stores and factories, where raw materials are crafted into food, clothes—even luxury items to make the trail a little sweeter. Every resource is precious on the frontier, so you’ll need to make sure that every part of your town works together in order to thrive.

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

Make Independence Your Own!
Whatever your vision for your town, you can make it happen in this simulator game. Start with building marketplaces, shops, and saloons in your own land. Upgrade with a port, rail station, museum, even a university. Arrange and rearrange your layout. Add decorations and monuments to make your town beautiful. As you level up, new buildings are unlocked, opening exciting new possibilities. With hard work and creativity, you can truly build the Independence of your dreams!

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

Send Your Wagons West!
As your town grows, new settlers arrive, eager to take the Oregon Trail. You must provide them with everything they need to succeed on their journey. Once they leave Independence, you track each wagon as it forges through the West, past rugged forts and iconic landmarks. The wagons may call for supplies along the way, so be ready to send them tomatoes, corn, eggs, leather, or whatever else they need. In this game, you can help them survive the trail and arrive at a new life in Oregon.

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

Join Events and Clans!
Go beyond your own town to participate in a wide variety of weekly and seasonal events. You can connect with your friends, join a clan, and compete or collaborate in special challenges.

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

Are you ready? Do you have the skill, foresight, and creativity to turn Independence into a Boom Town? Hopeful settlers are gathering in Independence, counting on you to make their dreams come true. The journey begins when you join this thrilling town-building simulator game—The Oregon Trail: Boom Town!

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town
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