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The Project : Akasha

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 阿卡夏計劃 (by KunYue Game)

The new secret realm of different dimensions, the collapsed real world, what is Akashia, the entanglement between the blackened gods and the past… It took 3 years of research and development, 3D Beautiful Girl Battle Girl role-playing card mobile game – “Akasha” plan”.
Top Japanese seiyuu interprets characteristic beautiful girls, UE4 engine carefully produced promotional videos, bright and eye-catching game screen, as a commander, you need to lead your warriors, retrieve memories, and explore the peak of the Tower of Destiny.

Light style, happy at the beginning
Returning to the original appearance of the second dimension, the uncommon bright colors, simple, flat and light textured vertical paintings and UI, not only your liver, your hair, but also your eyes! We just want you to open the game and feel relaxed. Experience the initial joy of the game.


Top seiyuu, another world Roman
Whether you like Chinese dubbing or Japanese dubbing, we will satisfy you! Experience the Romance of Auberge World with emotion and emotion.
Iguchi Yuka, Uehan Sumire, Ueda Kana, Kogura Yui, Kayano Ai, Nail Palace Rie, Sakura Ayane, Tomatsu Haruka, Yuki Bi, etc.


· New love, old love, change Ji at will
You don’t have to calculate the upgrade materials carefully, just raise them if you like! Don’t delay gratification, let your favorite Zhanji become the strongest now and join the formation! If you want to change to a new Zhan Ji, you only need to go back with one click, and you can take the regret medicine if you want.


Self-customization, at your command
There are various PVP and PVE systems, whether you want “social” or “single player” can be satisfied. The game is to do what you want, without being forced! Going through the plot, the daily life of the liver, raising the battle girl, climbing the tower, escorting supplies and more systems are under development…


Self-disciplined combat, double the refreshment
3D real-time battles, 4vs4~4vsN battles are about to start. Each fighter has at least 4 skills, intelligently calculates the best spellcasting, one-click self-disciplined battle, automatic spellcasting, and enables brilliant skills.

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Available: Google Play (HK, TW) / App Store

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