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The Qin Empire

Official Launch(Release) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The Qin Empire (by TOGAADO GAMES)

When strategy mobile game meets real-time combat, how many tactical variations will you employ?
When warfare means more than battle reports, which paths will you take to victory?
Real battlefields are unpredictable and ever-changing, interact in real-time to control the entire war effort!

Adapted from the same name novel, the Qin Empire is a fast-paced real-time strategy mobile game with ultra-realistic battlefield updates. No more slow-marching and round-based combats, you will experience the real Warring States, by recruiting soldiers, building empires, forming alliances or dividing and even conquer.
Wage war in the super-sized arena with million players and experience the most realistic battles between the Seven Kingdoms of the Warring States.

Call to arms! The Qin Empire!

Game Features
“The Battlefields of Men Stretch beyond the Three Kingdoms”
Follow the Spring and Autumn period and witness the rise of the Great Qin, five centuries ahead of the Three Kingdoms.
The Qin Empire, a formally licensed IP, provides realistic and exhilarating battles among the Seven Kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States.

The Qin Empire

“Real-Time Strategic Gameplay that Can Instantly Turn the Tides of War”
Real battlefields: you can manoeuvre your army in real-time, and engage in combat whenever you encounter enemies.
No more battle reports: you can switch POVs on the map and operate in real-time.
Enjoy the ultimate strategic gaming experience with complete control over the entire war effort.

The Qin Empire

“Innovative Fast-Mode for Instant Troop Deployment”
Speedy marching and smooth gameplay, no more waiting!
Quick, flexible combat and agile movement, no more boring round-based games.
With Reserve Troop system,you can re-enforce and deploy troops even on the battlefield.
Faster seasons, more chances to domination.

The Qin Empire

“Assemble Famous Heroes and Strategist under Your Command”
Bai Qi the God of Slaughter, Shang Yang the Great Strategist, Jing Ke the Assassin, Bian Que the Miracle Doctor and Empress Mi Yue…are all under your command.
Recreating several centuries of warfare across the Spring and Autumn period, the Warring States period and the Great Qin Empire, you can conquer the Middle Kingdom step by step.

The Qin Empire

“Build Wartime Camaraderie with a Band of Brothers”
Fight to the death in ten-thousand-man scuffles, and siege cities and outposts with brothers in arms.
With feudatories and lords dotted across the land, conquer the Qin Empire together by forming complex alliances among the feudal clans.

“Fair Competition through Global Strategic Contest”
A game that encourages equality and fair play by ignoring point rankings, resources and stats, where you can fulfill all your ambitions on the battlefield through strategy alone.
With slews of feudal lords competing for influence and strongholds of powerful forces scattered throughout the lands, whole-map strategic contest is the only game in town.

Created by ©PalmassGames

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The Qin Empire
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