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The Revived Throne

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💡Platform – Android

The description of The Revived Throne (by ThreeBullet)

With the power of the dead, claim your rightful place in your throne, capture the despicable enemies, sign contracts with other lords, fight epic battles, and destroy anyone who stands in your way.

You lost everything because of an unexpected betrayal, but the power of the dead revived you and gave you a second chance. Rule your city and build an undead army, return to the battlefield, slay the traitors, send your army to sack their cities, destroy their army and capture their champions for your use! Real-time battles full of strategies will give you more than enough space to show your worth as a commander!

The throne is waiting for you to return

Battle happens everywhere! Build your city, recruit an undead army, prevent any possible crisis, and start an unstoppable raid!

The Revived Throne

Ally and fight together! Whether you want to challenge the bosses in the wild, or fight against other players, having trusted allies in your league would make things much easier.

The dragons are awakened! Those legendary creatures can bring massive destruction. Can you get the power from them?

The Revived Throne

Strategy matters! Study more skills, make use of advanced technology. The power of the dead is limitless, you just need to find the right moment to strike!

Development is everything! Collect resources, build and develop your city, and survive in this dangerous fantasy world!

The Revived Throne

You will see dreadful monsters and have a lifelike experience in a fantasy world.

The Revived Throne
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