The Romance of Fengshen


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The description of 封神演义:仙界起源 (by PlanetsGamer)

Feng Shen Yan Yi: The Origin of the Immortal Realm is a mobile game based on an oriental mythology theme based on Feng Shen Yan Yi, which includes elements such as ancient legends, mountain and sea classics and more. beasts. You will incarnate as a young heavenly ruler in the world of the Empowered God and become the savior of fate. Here, regardless of Nezha, Yang Jian, Jiang Jia, Yuanshi Tianjun, Tongtian leader, all the characters have a 16-year-old boy with a raised face. There are no conspiracies, insidious and old-fashioned, only legends of youth and immortality. As the main character, you, having inherited a blood inheritance from the ancient heavenly ruler, rushed to this land of myths inherited for centuries in order to explore the secrets of the times of trouble.

A fresh and humorous painting style that goes back to ancient myths. Round strategic RPG, passionate fabulous battles. There are also hundreds of types of fabulous household gods that will accompany, grow together, and never give up. The super-burning Devoted God battle gathering, the gentle voice of social interaction, and the relaxing and relaxing environment of Gifted God Romance: The Origin of the Immortal Kingdom invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Devoted to God.

Features of the game:

Dream about Fancy and become a legend of the fairy world.
Biu Palace, Yuxiu Palace, Penglai Island, Mount Putuo and other eight sects are your choice, and you will feel the style of the fairy sect.
Hear the Sichi bells, watch the dragon at Chentang Pass, feel the beautiful night strings of the song, and the land of myths awaits you.
Together with the gods of the fairytale family, you will find immortals and visit saints to travel the Three Kingdoms and explore ancient secrets, the immortal kingdoms will change, and the Kyushu crisis awaits you to break the game!

The Romance of Fengshen

God will be called to form the bond of fairytale destiny.
Jiang Jia, Nezha, Yang Jian, Daji, Shen Gongbao … familiar mythological characters greeted you.
In a hurry like law, the Immortal Stone of the Five Elements enters into a bond agreement and the god of the fairy family will be summoned.
Immortal generals, monsters and spirits incarnate into powerful fighting forces, fighting side by side to help you ride in an immortal world.

The Romance of Fengshen

Fairy Demon Fighting Method, go to battle with immortals.
With three heads and six arms, eight to nine deep arts, a five-element escape and three purifications in one spirit, unleash the power of the wilderness and go to war for the bestowal of the gods!
Each of the eight martial arts skills has its own merits, the mix of genres of the game is fluid, and all directions are unknown.
The gods will join the battle, and the main character will double the joy of battle and experience a rich turn-based combat strategy!
The Ancient Demon King, The Theory of Ten Thousand Immortals, The Great Dao Zheng Feng … Let you demonstrate high-quality combat techniques and fight for the gods.

The Romance of Fengshen

Meet your friends with sound and taste the fireworks of the world.
Growing is not alone, the new sonic social gameplay is completely unlocked!
Join the family’s fairytale league as you fight your way through levels with friends from all over the world and survive disasters. Start love and marriage and meet your real lover.
Innovative voice social function, support for continuous microphone chat, anonymous matching and meeting interesting fairy friends and playmates anytime, anywhere,
There are also themed radio stations, live broadcasts, and online businesses that accompany you to make friends and entertain the audience.

The Romance of Fengshen

The first choice for people to enjoy the benefits of the gods.
Xiuxian is also casual, round players opted for the human-friendly mobile game!
Immortals don’t just practice cultivation. Life skills such as gathering, fishing and cooking are fully developed.
Daily thoughtful task setting with one click, five minutes a day, keeping up;
There are also huge subsidies for players like runners making money, red envelope incentives, etc. And on the first day there are 50 draws and each is called a boss!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – SG, MY

The Romance of Fengshen

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