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The Second Light

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of The Second Light (by BlueFox Mobile Gaming)

The Second Light is a hybrid game. It contains RPG elements, action game elements, story-oriented, and it is built as a platformer. Challenge yourself in a magic world where good and evil are not so separated from each other.

✓ Challenge Yourself
Difficult and challenging levels for you to explore. Each level comes with its unique difficulty for you to challenge.

The Second Light

✓An Immersive World
A magical world for you to explore. 3 unique worlds, each different from the other. A beautiful world in a 2d art-style.

The Second Light

The Second Light challenges not only your imagination but your ability to solve challenging puzzles. Many levels in the game have puzzles with unique letters for you to memorize.

The Second Light

✓Bosses, Spells, and Items
There are 6 bosses in the game and an end-game boss. The player will have the ability to use numerous spells as he progresses through the game. Collect potions, weapons, and many other things, or purchase those straight from the shop using the in-game currency “StarNights”.

The Second Light

✓Side Quests and Games
Side quests and games are always fun to take a break from time to time. The Second Light offers 2 different side games, a card game, and a wheel of fortune game.

The Second Light
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