The Tower of dimensions

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The description of The Tower of dimensions (by GusGus games)

A heroic journey through magical and beautiful worlds full of battles and magical confrontations. To defeat the risen from the dead, to unravel the mystery of the magical council, to help save the world from dark power – these are the tasks for you to do! But are you ready for them?

Imagine you are sitting in front of your TV after a hard day work. BANG! – And now you are a legendary hero. Are you scared? Of course not! You’re the hero you’ve always wanted to be! Besides, you’ve got a pretty sorceress escorting you.

Grab your sword! Explore the magical world! Sabe villages from invaders! Fight all the bad guys like a true hero!


In a battle with the dark forces you will pass a variety of levels. From Medieval fantasy to Wild West or Pirate treasure island and back again. You definitely won’t get bored.

The Tower of dimensions


Who is carrying a threat for this world? What secret does the magical council keep? What is the secret of being a legendary hero? Why is there no magic in our world? What happened to all the horses? Why can’t you throw a coin down a well? And what do time loops have to do with all this? What does this have to do with the tower?

The Tower of dimensions
The Tower of dimensions

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