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The Wall

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Wall (by WANNATEST GAMES LTD)

Start playing the battle simulation game!
Create your strategies, choose roads and place warriors on the battlefield! Crush & beat every enemy in an epic battle! Play the collectible card game!

Enter the battlefield! Unlock & collect new heroes with unique abilities! You can upgrade your army. Compete for glory and rewards! Explore exciting modes!

Create a plan or your army will be defeated by enemies! Use and experiment with your army in battle! Attack enemy towers to liberate a new land. Collect resources to upgrade your army and complete all levels.

The Wall

Test your skills in the competitive fight and win. Collect cards and create decks with heroes. Each card brings to life its power and magic. You can use a land or air hero. Choose the right skills to help defeat your enemies.

Are you ready for a battle? Use the tower, walls, warriors, arrows and swords, as well as the power of the wizard against enemy attacks.
Victory depends on your strategy! Build your army now! If you place the army correctly, you will defeat the enemies!

The Wall

Fighters with arrows & bows, swords, shields, guns are waiting for the battle! You have to make a choice to win! Build a strong army to base your own empire!

Experience the thrill of a 3D game! Improve your strategy to defeat your enemies. Upgrade heroes and rule your powerful empire!

The Wall

Create a strong team of heroes to fight! Complete the levels and fight the BOSS. This battle will be won! Defeat any enemies in battles and get rewards: gold, crystals, unique cards with heroes, boxes. Become a great commander!

Game features:
– Fearless heroes
– Advanced army deployment
– Exciting gameplay

The Wall

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