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The Witch’s Knight

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The Witch’s Knight (by DAERISOFT)

Here’s the game that will get the gamers excited once again!!!!

Hey you! Will you be my knight?
A bizarre adventure of a witch and a knight!
Emotional healing fantasy! Witch’s Knight!

A 2D open world RPG. Feel the healing sensation now. !

-Cute graphics, touching adventures, and idle RPG!
-Knight and witch…This combinations sounds…great?! Let’s play! Witch’s Knight!
-Brilliant effects, eye-catching skills!
-Overpower! Overpower the pet and the knight for special abilities!
-What can I do in the open world? Explore the hidden dungeons! Enjoy the adventure like a maze!
-As you enjoy the healing adventure, various rewards will rain down! These are all for you! Just come along!

Heal your heart now!

Hey you! Will you be my knight?
How did the witch come to adventure with a knight?
Doesn’t this combination make you curious?

The Witch's Knight

Sweet and brutal adventure of a witch and knight!
A bizarre adventure of a witch and a knight!
Explore the continents and enjoy! Witch’s Knight

The Witch's Knight

Great hit satisfaction, abundant rewards!
Ever heard of the witch that hunts with skills of brilliant effects?!
The rewards have gone wild…You just can’t stop receiving…
I don’t know why, but I can’t take my eyes off of this game…
You are already playing Witch’s Knight…!!!

The Witch's Knight

How dare the pet and the knight go on a strike! Kneel!
Overpower the pet, increase the loyalty, and get special abilities!
Overpowering the knight rewards special active skills!

The Witch's Knight

So that’s where you’ve been hiding! Hidden dungeons!
On the adventure, you will come across hidden routes.
Find the exit in the dungeons!
An emotional healing fantasy that you can savor and enjoy, Witch’s Knight!

Open world adventure, dazzling idle RPG!
2D open world adventure and cute graphics!
Dazzling skill effects! How would you like to get your own witch?


The Witch's Knight

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